Saturday, September 24, 2011

Second Stop: Oregon's Outback

We landed ourselves in Oregon's Outback with Wagmore.
The high desert is beautiful, and this little town has 360 degree views of mountains.
Here is one of the mountains in Wagmore's backyard:
We spent most of our time hanging out on the ranch. This is the guest cabin:

Hey look, we grew antlers!

We also went fishing, but we didn't catch anything. We hear that that's why they don't call it "catching."

One evening we went dove hunting with Hagen (Wagmore's lab). He is a great retriever, so we didn't try to show him up with our skills. We stayed in the truck and watched. Sorry, no pictures.

Wagmore also showed us how to shoot a target with a compound bow. Her husband was very patient with her while she shot, and he even retrieved her arrows. He must have taken lessons from Hagen.

We went to the general store almost everyday. It's a convenience store that carries the basic like eggs and milk. We quickly learned that the store is more of a gathering place for the local community. It's a place where you get more of the local gossip than you thought you needed.
Our last stop was at the post office which is inside the general store. The post office is trying to shut down this location. So, we signed a petition to keep the office and dropped off a letter that Wagmore wrote to the governor.   We hope that the post office doesn't close.
If is does Wagmore will have to drive over 30 miles to pick up her mail.

Sadly, this is our last stop as the "Frank and Oscar Duo." We will be split up, and sent to different places.
We can't wait to meet the next Pesties!