Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oscar's Adventures in Columbia

After leaving Denver, I stopped in Columbia, Missouri, to hang out with bloodyvalentine. I went downtown and looked at the lovely shopfronts out the car window. The District was a really nice place! 

There were all sorts of vintage clothing shops downtown! Too bad there was nothing in my size.
We went to the public library next. It has some really unique architecture. We stayed there for HOURS browsing books.
We went home with a huge stack! How am I supposed to read these in a week?
Then we went home, and I met Matchbox. She was kind of violent...

Her big brother, Mac, wasn't much nicer...

Then they teamed up on me!
"What? No, no, we're just PLAYING with Oscar!"

Next I met Orzo and Diego, who seemed to think I smelled good.
But Manny was more interested in the camera. What a spotlight-stealer!
Then it was time to go again! I'm off to Florida for another adventure! :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

Frank Visits Boston

After leaving Dallas I traveled a long way to Boston, MA.  Let me tell you, the weather difference was a shocker! I went to a Boston Public School for the day and enjoyed the sun rising over Boston Harbor. 

Even though it looked like it was going to be a fairly nice day outside it later turned into rain and overcast. 
While hanging out in the classroom I decided to venture out and walk around the desk.  All of a sudden I felt something sharp on my back.  Luckily, I was not injured and it is safe to say after that incident I stayed put! 
After hanging out in school all day we went home and I got to meet the other dog of the house.  I think he was hungry because he started nibbling on my ears.   After that his owner took me away from him and he started to cry and looked really pathetic.  He promised not to nibble on my ears again and he was telling the truth, he even shared some of his bully stick with me!
Luckily I did not lose an ear on this leg of my trip as I ended up inside a lot of mouths with sharp teeth.  That is all for now, off to my next location!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oscar's Time in Denver

My third stop was in Denver, CO with corgilove22.  The first few days of my arrival, we hung out at the corgilove house and put in new floors in the basement.  Not only did I help, but I think I became an Ohio State fan too from being in that room for so long :).

I got to experience the first snow here too!  We got about 6 inches accumulated.  It was so much fun watching the corgis frap around like crazy-dogs.

I was slightly nervous during my visit because my friends kept trying to eat me.  I had to stay high up because they thought I smelled fantastic.  Buddy really struggled taking this picture...  he really, really, wanted to eat me. 

For my visit, corgilove22 and her husband laid floor, did the usual errands, and went to work.  While I loved my visit in Colorado I am looking forward to Missouri!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Frank's next stop...Dallas, TX!

After leaving Wagmore's ranch in Oregon, I headed to the big city.  I spent the week with almostosborn, her cat Sasha, and her foster dog Penny. Penny was on restricted activity because of her heartworm treatment, so we took things pretty easy.

Here we are getting acquainted on the balcony.

After we sniffed each other we relaxed a bit.

Almost's husband and her MIL had birthdays during my visit.

They went to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate, and I got to tag along. Yum!

Allison started a new job the week before my visit. It's at one of the suburb's public libraries. She got laid off from her job at the university library. I had fun looking at all the books.

I tried to take a nap with Sasha, but she kept sniffing me. How rude!

I had a lot of fun in Dallas, but now I'm off to my next destination!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oscar's Next Stop...Odenton, MD

My second stop was in Odenton, MD with wlfpkbride.

The first day I arrived, we went to take family pictures! Bailey and I were both so excited to go along. We got to go into a mall and there was a carousel as soon as we entered! It looked like so much fun, but we didn't get to ride it. We just went to the picture studio. We had to wait a bit for our turn, but it was so much fun once we got started. Bailey got a little nervous when the background started changing and made a funny noise. She even tinkled on wlfpkbride's leg a little. I was very brave though. It didn't scare me. Bailey and I got to be in a picture all by ourselves.

 This is us walking to the mall.

 This is us waiting patiently for our turn.

This is our very own picture. I fell over when Bailey sniffed me. She kept doing that so I decided to just stay this way for the picture.

Later in the week, we went to Lowe's to pick out some new tile for the foyer floor. Bailey got really excited one day and ripped a huge hole in the vinyl floors. Wlfpkbride said they already needed to be replaced, so she wasn't horribly upset. I got to help pick out the new tile! Wlfpkbride forgot to bring her camera to Lowe's with us. We got to run a few other errands too. I didn't enjoy grocery shopping, but I did love going to the pet store!

For the entire weekend, wlfpkbride and her husband worked on replacing the tile. It looked like so much work. I'm really glad I didn't have to help out. Bailey had to be in her crate so she wouldn't walk on the quick set or the new tiles before they dried. I got to stay outside and watch. I think Bailey may have been a little jealous. She kept trying to get to me through her crate. I wasn't scared though. Wlfpkbride said she just wanted to play with me.

I stayed pretty busy this week, but I'm happy I made new friends. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Second Stop: Oregon's Outback

We landed ourselves in Oregon's Outback with Wagmore.
The high desert is beautiful, and this little town has 360 degree views of mountains.
Here is one of the mountains in Wagmore's backyard:
We spent most of our time hanging out on the ranch. This is the guest cabin:

Hey look, we grew antlers!

We also went fishing, but we didn't catch anything. We hear that that's why they don't call it "catching."

One evening we went dove hunting with Hagen (Wagmore's lab). He is a great retriever, so we didn't try to show him up with our skills. We stayed in the truck and watched. Sorry, no pictures.

Wagmore also showed us how to shoot a target with a compound bow. Her husband was very patient with her while she shot, and he even retrieved her arrows. He must have taken lessons from Hagen.

We went to the general store almost everyday. It's a convenience store that carries the basic like eggs and milk. We quickly learned that the store is more of a gathering place for the local community. It's a place where you get more of the local gossip than you thought you needed.
Our last stop was at the post office which is inside the general store. The post office is trying to shut down this location. So, we signed a petition to keep the office and dropped off a letter that Wagmore wrote to the governor.   We hope that the post office doesn't close.
If is does Wagmore will have to drive over 30 miles to pick up her mail.

Sadly, this is our last stop as the "Frank and Oscar Duo." We will be split up, and sent to different places.
We can't wait to meet the next Pesties!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our time in Washington

Hi.  This is Frank and Oscar.  You might remember us from the zillions of AW posts from Shortcake and the many polls.  Thanks for voting for us.

Remember these guys?
They are feeling a little cast off, but keep Shortcake company while she cuts fabric.

I got to keep her company while she sewed and inspect her stitches.

We both rode to the store with Leila.  
We went into the store too, but someone forgot the camera.  It's a pretty awesome store though.  Grocery store with an attached department/hardware store.  Shortcake needed thread and couldn't resist the 50 cent pattern sale. It's going to be 3/99 cents next week.
On our way home we went to Veteran's Memorial Park.  That's Lake Osoyoos.  Those mountains are Canada.  The beach is Washington.  It's pretty much the coolest place in town.  We wanted to go swimming, but Shortcake said it would mess up our coats.

Then we went for a walk.
 We wanted to ride with Leila in the stroller.

She had other ideas.

So we rode in the basket.

We did a little praying when we were at the church.

On the way home from church, Leila let us ride with her.

Now it's time for us to leave Washington and visit another Pestie!
See ya soon!

Friday, July 15, 2011

How it works

The Game:
Each pestie will have one week with our traveling stuffed pesties -"Frank" and "Oscar". During the week you will take pictures of the things you do with "Frank" or "Oscar". At the end of the week your visitor will travel to the next pestie with a quick note from you to the next pestie. After you have sent "Frank" or "Oscar" off on its next journey you will post your pictures on this blog.

You will get the blog log on information and the address from Wagmore. Please email me at travelingpestie@yahoo.com or private message.

Picture ideas:
On vacation
Near something notable in your town
With your pets
Doing chores
Doing nothing or anything!!