Thursday, October 20, 2011

Frank's next stop...Dallas, TX!

After leaving Wagmore's ranch in Oregon, I headed to the big city.  I spent the week with almostosborn, her cat Sasha, and her foster dog Penny. Penny was on restricted activity because of her heartworm treatment, so we took things pretty easy.

Here we are getting acquainted on the balcony.

After we sniffed each other we relaxed a bit.

Almost's husband and her MIL had birthdays during my visit.

They went to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate, and I got to tag along. Yum!

Allison started a new job the week before my visit. It's at one of the suburb's public libraries. She got laid off from her job at the university library. I had fun looking at all the books.

I tried to take a nap with Sasha, but she kept sniffing me. How rude!

I had a lot of fun in Dallas, but now I'm off to my next destination!

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