Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oscar's Time in Denver

My third stop was in Denver, CO with corgilove22.  The first few days of my arrival, we hung out at the corgilove house and put in new floors in the basement.  Not only did I help, but I think I became an Ohio State fan too from being in that room for so long :).

I got to experience the first snow here too!  We got about 6 inches accumulated.  It was so much fun watching the corgis frap around like crazy-dogs.

I was slightly nervous during my visit because my friends kept trying to eat me.  I had to stay high up because they thought I smelled fantastic.  Buddy really struggled taking this picture...  he really, really, wanted to eat me. 

For my visit, corgilove22 and her husband laid floor, did the usual errands, and went to work.  While I loved my visit in Colorado I am looking forward to Missouri!!

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